To appreciate some of the mistakes made in the visitation pedigrees

To appreciate some of the mistakes made in the visitation pedigrees I have written the pedigrees out below with source material and notes in blue please understand this page is still under construction this note will go, on completion of the information that I have.:-


John Goodryke of Bolingbroke Co, Lincolnshire died 1493, Will dated 8th October, 1491, proved the Prerogative Court of Canterbury, 8th July, 1493. He names his wife Agnes his sons William and Richard Goodryke, his daughters Johanne, Margaret, Elizabeth and Alice, and his natural son Edward; and he constitutes Andrew Dymoke the elder, and his son, William, his executors.

John Gudryke of Bolingbroke was Alderman of Corpus Christi Guild in the year of his recorded death1493.(The History and Antiquities of Boston by Pishey Thompson 1856.p120. Richard Godericke 1528-1530 is recorded as being a new member of the Corpus Christi Guild p122. William Goodrick is recorded as a Merchant of Boston and member of the Staple p358. Easingwold Clifton etc,. Co York. York City Churches Registers-particularly those of SS Olave St Michael le Belfrey Church in York. See also Calendars of Wills at York. Bennington etc,. History and Antiquaries of Boston P Thompson 1856, pp 120,122, 492, 535, 536, 570, 590, 597, 598, 606, 629. notes p570. Leverton  Co Lincolnshire Mary Goodrick and ....... in this church about 1611 and the Goodrick family residing at Wrangle Co Lincolnshire early 16th.century.                                                

William Goodryke JP of East Kirkby Co, Lincolnshire, was a merchant of the Staple. He had lands at Kirkby and Bennington, Co, Lincolnshire also property at Calais, in France. He married two times; I have been unable to find any record of issue for his first marriage. His second wife was Jane, daughter and heiress of William Williamson Esq., of Boston Co, Lincolnshire by whom he had issue three sons and four daughters.

 Notes History and Antiquaries of Boston p120 William Goodrick merchant admitted to Corpus Christi Guild of Boston 1493. p121. Alderman Corpus Christi Guild of Boston 1509, p. 536 William Goodrick of Kirkby purchased in 1502 of Ralph Darby of Bennington 27acres of land for the sum of £35.10s.0d. William Goodrick was JP for Lincoln State Papers.

(I can find no record of Jane Williamson ever being married to Edward Goodryke the natural son of John of Bolingbroke as recorded by The Visitation of Yorkshire 1584/5 and 1612, or The Visitation of Lincolnshire).

William Goodryke, sons were:-

  1.   John Goodryke, who succeeded him in 1517.

    2.    Henry Goodryke, who purchased the estates in Yorkshire, and founder of the family seat at Ribston Co, Yorkshire. Notes Henry Goodrickis stated as second son and Thomas Goodrick third son in William Flowers Visitation of York 1563-64, Heraldry Society Publications Vol,16.

    3.   Thomas Goodryke, who became the Bishop of Ely and the last Ecclesiastical High Lord Chancellor of England.  see also Thomas Goodryke Bishop of Ely Pictures and Notes. History and Antiquaries of Boston P Thompson p.120. Alderman Corpus Christi Guild of Boston 1493.

1. Catherine, wife of Sir Thomas Massenden, of Healey Co, Lincolnshire, Knight.

2. Margaret, wife of Thomas Barrow of Winethorpe Co, Lincolnshire. see Wills. Also see the Barrowe Pedigree.

3. Elizabeth, wife of Jeffery Fulnetby, by whom she had, with other issue, a daughter, Catherine, who was first wife of Matthew Hutton, Archbishop of York in 1594. Harleian Society Durham Vol1.p 580 also Harleian MS 1097 p47b.

4. Anne, prioress of Greenford. Harleian Society Durham Vol1.p 580 also Harleian MS 1097 p47b.


John Goodrick, of East Kirkby, succeeded his father in 1517; he became High Sheriff of Lincolnshire in 1535. He married the youngest daughter and one of the co-heiresses of Sir Lionel Dymoke, of Maring Co, Lincoln, Knight, second son of Sir Thomas Dymoke, of Scrivelsby, Kings Champion in the reign of Edward IV, by his wife Margaret, second daughter and co-heiress of Lionel, Lord Welles. The issue of this union was :-

1.       Lionel Goodrick, who succeeded him.

2.       Thomas Goodrick, who married Alice Hutton of Bristol ancestor of the Goodrick's of Ely, Co, Cambridgeshire and Norfolk.

3.      William Goodrick, who possessed the manor at Nether Toynton, Co, Lincolnshire. He married Alice Sapcottes, widow, by whom he had issue one daughter, Anne, born 1557, who was wife of Rolston Esq., of Yorkshire. William Goodrick`s will is dated 5th January, 1559/60, and an Inquisition post mortem was taken 4th Elizabeth (No, 211).

4.  Nicholas ? the only record of him in Thomas Goodrick Bishop of Ely Will dated 24th April, 1st Queen Mary, he appears to have been in the Bishops service.

5.     Jane Goodrick, wife of William Bryan, of Bolingbroke.

6.      Katherine Goodrick, wife of Thomas Palfreyman of Lonsbie.  

 Notes, John Goodrick High Sheriff Cal State Papers. Sir Lionel Dymoke, History of the Ancient Noble family of Marmyun Kings Champion, by T. C. Banks Esq. 1817.

Lionel Goodrick, of East Kirkby Co, Lincolnshire, had the manor at Stickney and considerable landed property thought out Lincolnshire. His manor at East Kirkby has above the main entrance his merchants mark carved in stone along with his initials.

 Notes, Reports and Procedures at the Architectural Society of the diocese of Lincoln 1865. p.61.

And the date above of 1544. Lionel Goodrick was married three times, his first wife was Bridget, daughter of Sir Thomas Jermyn, of Rushbrook, Co, Suffolk, Knight, but by her had no issue. His second wife was Winifred, daughter of Henry Sapcottes, of Co, Lincolnshire, Esquire, and widow of Borton, Esq., and by her had a son and successor, Edward Goodrick and a daughter, Anna. He married thirdly the daughter of Nicholas Robinson, Esq., of Boston Co, Lincolnshire, but had no recorded issue in this union. Lionel Goodrick died 29th August, 1561, and an Inquisition post mortem was taken, 3rd Elizabeth (No. 134). His will dated 16th December, 1560. His children Edward and Anna were but infants at his death, and Richard Goodrick of London , who was attorney of the Augmentation, was appointed their guardian.

Notes, see Richard Goodrick`s Will p.1.

Edward Goodrick, the son and heir, was born in 1556, and on attaining his majority petitioned for possession to be given him of his paternal inheritance  of Stickney Manor and other lands in Co, Lincolnshire. He married Elizabeth, daughter of Richard Goodrick his guardian, by whom he had issue of three sons and eight daughters. His children were:-

  1. Lionel, who succeeded him in 1615.

  2.  Nathaniel.

  3. Robert, baptized at Little Welnetham 6th March, 1585.

His daughters were:-

        1.  Dorothy.

        2.  Elizabeth, wife of Robert Beavot, of Kirkby, Co Yorkshire, married at

            East Kirkby Co Lincolnshire 6th January, 1603. She had issue Edward,    

            born 1604, and Robert.

   3. Ann, wife of Paul Seman, married at East Kirkby 3rd September, 1598.

  4.  Wynifred, baptized at East Kirkby 10th September 1583.

   5.  Susan, baptized at Little Welnetham 21st December, 1586.

   6.  Judith.

   7.   Hester,  baptized at East Kirkby 6th January 1589. *

   8.   Frances, baptized at East Kirkby 6th January 1591.*

*  Hester &   Frances, were both married. (Harl M.S 1190 p107.)

 Edward Goodrick, died 20th August 1615, and was buried at East Kirkby 22nd August 1615, his will dated 16th August was proved in London, 9th March, 1618.

He bequeathed his Manor at Stickney to his grandson, John Goodrick, then an infant, and mentions his son Lionel, his daughters Elizabeth, Wynifred, Hester, and Frances, and his brother-in-law Richard Goodrick, of Suffolk.


 Notes, Petition Fine Rolls February 18th 1578. Pedigree at The Collage of Arms, Vol, XI p.101 signed by Edward Goodrick in 1692. 2. above Elizabeth and Robert Beavot Lincolnshire marriage Licence by A. Gibbons 1598 to 1628 has 1602-3 Jan 4th Rob, Beivytt to Elizabeth Goodrick East Kirkby. Elizabeth Beavot York Visitation 1612 also Harleian Society M.S. 1190-p107.

 Lionel Goodrick, of East Kirkby, was full age when his father died and proved his will  9th March, 1618. He was admitted to Grays Inn 9th February 1598. He married at East Kirkby, 25th September, 1601, Audria, daughter of Bartholomew Calthorpe, of Co, Norfolk, Esq., She was sister of Margaret Calthorpe, second wife of his maternal uncle Richard Goodrick, of Badfield St Clare, Suffolk. Lionel Goodrick died February 28th 1625, and an Inquisition post mortem was taken 1st Charles I. (No.18). He had issue:-

1.     John, born November 1610, inherited the manor of Stickney.

2.   Thomas, of Stickney, and in 1674 of Boston, co. Lincolnshire, proved the wills of his brothers John, 1654 and Peregrine, 1675. He was married, and had issue-(1, 2) John and Elizabeth, legatees of their cousin William Goodrick, of Stickney, 14th March, 1676 and of their uncle, Peregrine Goodrick, 11th February, 1675; (3, 4, 5), Peregrine, and two daughters, legatees of their uncle Peregrine, 1675.

3. Peregrine, baptized at East Kirkby 29th .October, 1615 was a citizen of London. His will, dated 11th February, 1674 was proved in London, 3rd January, 1675.

1. Margaret, baptized at East Kirkby 8th February, 1603.

2, 3. Two other daughters.

Notes, Calthorpe Pedigree in the Norfolk Archeological Society Proceedings 1881. Vol IX part 2, p.163. Also Lincolnshire Marriage License Sept 22 1600, Leon Goodricke of Alford, Gent, and Audrie Calthorpe of same Spinster. 3. Peregrine above see State Papers of John Thurlloe Vol 5. p342-343

The eldest son :-

    John Goodrick,of Stickney, born 1610 inherited the manor of Stickney in 1615, under the will of his grandfather  Edward Goodrick, of East Kirkby, as before stated. He petitioned in 1637 for possession of this property. ; He married Martha, daughter of William Palmer, Esq.; of Fleet, by whom he had a son, William; also a daughter, Elizabeth, who was living at the time of his death, 1653: His will, dated 9th February, 1653, was proved 8th March, 1653/4.

His only son­:-

William Goodrick, of Stickney, was under age at the time of his father's death. His will, dated 14th March, 1675/6, was proved 16th May, 1676. He left an only daughter, Elizabeth, who was under age in 1676, and who is the last of the Lincolnshire family descended from John Goodryke of Bolingbroke trace in 1915.  

Notes John Goodrick above Petitioned Fine Roll 13 Charles I May 20th 1637. Also information from the private collection of Lincolnshire Pedigrees by A. S. Larken. "Portcullis" College of Arms also Wills of Peregrine proved Jan 3rd 1675.




There are, several Goodrick's in Lincolnshire who claim descent from this line, but they have not furnished me with particulars of their family, to enable me to connect them with the old stock. The above pedigree compiled from entries in Stickney Registers, may help in the future with ongoing genealogy.


I now go back to the commencement of the work, where I stated that John Goodryke of Bolingbroke was succeeded in his estate at that place by his second son, Richard. This:-

Richard Goodrick was a "merchant of the Staple,"' and died in 1508.His will, dated September 1508, was proved in London, 17th November following, by his widow, Alice, who was daughter of John Etton, of Firsby, co. Lincolnshire.

Notes (He is called Sir Richard in the Church register at St, Andrews Holbourn) Harl,M.S. 1550 p134. For his Will see Wills p.1.

By her he had issue-

1.  Richard, of London, his successor.

2.  John, a merchant 'of the Staple at Calais, who died unmarried. His will, dated 11th. May, 1540, was proved in London 5th June in the same year. He names is brother Richard; " my Lord of Ely," his cousin ; and Edward Goodrick of Bolingbroke. Notes This Edward was the natural son of John Goodrick of Bolingbroke (see the beginning).

The elder son­ Richard Goodrick, of London, was attorney of the Augmentation. Notes I have a copy of  Gerard Legh "Accedens of Armory", published in 1562, p.153 that gives Richard Goodrick's Arms with the motto of "Fare well Till then" "Of Armory, on a fess gules, one fleur-de-lis, and two crescents Or, between two Lions passant guardant sable.The Timber, a demi Lion rampant guardant Sable, sat on a wreath, Or, and azure, mantled Gules, doubled Argent" For RICHARD GOODRICK of Stanmore. 

As previously stated, on the death of his kinsman, Lionel Goodrick of East Kirkby, Richard was appointed guardian of his two infant children, Edward and Anna. Richard Goodrick married Dorothy, daughter of William Badbye of Essex, and widow of Sir George Blagge, by whom he had an only son, Richard, and a daughter, Elizabeth.   He died in London, and was buried in the choir of St. Andrew's Church, Holborn,15th May, 1562.

His will, dated 20th November, 1556, was proved in London 17th January, 1562/3 . His widow, Dorothy, was married for a third time to Sir Ambrose Jermyn, of Rushbrooke, Co. Suffolk, Knight, by whom she had a daughter, Dorothy, who was wife of Edward Duke, Esq., of Benhall, Co. Suffolk.           Dorothy, Lady Jermyn, matched her son Henry Blagge and her daughter Judith Blagge, children by her first husband, with Hester and Robert Jermyn, issue of her third husband by his first wife, and her son Richard Goodrick she married with Dorothy, another daughter of Sir Ambrose Jermyn, her third husband. Her daughter Elizabeth Goodrick became wife of her kinsman Edward Goodrick, of East Kirkby, co. Lincoln.

Notes Edward Duke Burkes extinct and Dormant Baronetcies 2nd Edition 1841. Sir Ambrose Jermyn History and Antiquary of Suffolk Thingoe Hundred by John Gage. Sir Ambrose Jermyn calls Edward Goodrick of East Kirkby his son-in-law because he married his step-daughter Elizabeth Goodrick. He also calls Richard Goodrick his son-in-law. The will of Sir Ambrose Jermyn London dated 28th March 1577, see also Chancery Proclamation Elizabeth. Index p.p. 327, 341, 6th May 1579. Richard Goodrick Harl M.S 2378, a vellum book and most interesting relic of his family. The baptisms recorded in it are supported by the church registers at Alford and Bradfield St. Clare Co, Suffolk I have given the names of persons in the same order below as recorded in the vellum book.

Richard Goodrick, son and heir, married, as just stated, for his first wife Dorothy, daughter of Sir Ambrose Jermyn, of Rushbrooke, Co. Suffolk, by whom he had :­

1. Robert, born 8th January, 1579, died 12th July.

2. Samuel, born March 1582.

1. Sarah, born December 1578.

2. Mary, born 18th June, 1580, married at Alford, 3rd September, 1599, to                 Robert Rush­worth, Esq.


3. Dorothy, born 24th July, 1584, baptized at Little Welnetham.

4. Susan, born December 1589. His second wife was Margaret, daughter of Bartholomew Calthorpe, of Co. Norfolk, Esq., and sister of Audria Calthorpe, who was wife of his nephew Lionel Goodrick, of East Kirkby.


 The issue of this marriage was:-­

1. Nathaniel, born at Toft Grange, Firsby, Co. Lincoln, February 1596; died 14th May, 1610; buried at St.Clare, Bradfield, Co. Suffolk, 20th May, 1610.


2. Eleazar, born at Alford, Co. Lincoln, 23rd February, 1598; baptized there 26th same month.


3. Richard, born at Alford 9th November, 1600; baptized there 16th same month.


4. Robert, born at Bradfield 2nd July, 1602. Notes Robert son of Richard Goodrick and Margaret Calthorpe was instituted to the rectory of Horninghearth Magna in the diocese of Norwich and Co, Suffolk on the 7th May 1629 also on the same day to Horninghearth Parva, both on the same partition of Sir Thomas Jermyn Knt.


5. Thomas, born at Bradfield 15th March, 1606; baptized there 22nd March.


6. Henry, born at Bradfield 29th August, 1608; baptized there 30th April, 1610.


7. John, born 15th November (?).


1. Margaret, born at Alford 23rd June, 1599; baptized there 28th same month;  buried at Bradfield 4th March, 1610.


2. Elizabeth, born at Bradfield 31st May, 1604; baptized there 3rd June, 1604.


 Richard Goodrick died at Bradfield St. Clare, and was buried there 1st March, 1624.

Of the descendants of his large family I have been able to find only the following fragmentary information :- 


   Robert, son of Samuel Goodrick, Gent., baptized 4th June, 1613, at Rushbrook, Co. Suffolk.


 Dorothy, daughter of the same, baptized 4th November, 1614.


 Elizabeth, daughter of the same, baptized 23rd July, 1619.


From a deed in my possession, dated 1st March, 1624, it appears that Edmond    

Goodrick, who was then living in Co. Suffolk, was son of Samuel Goodrick of   Bury St. Edmonds.


Richard, Goodrick, son of  Richard Goodrick by his second wife, appears to have married young, for I find an entry in the Bradfield St Clare registers of the burial of his wife, Elizabeth, on 1st April, 1631.


Goodrick, of Ely, Co, Cambridge.

Notes. Pedigrees in the British Museum, Harl MSS. 1043,p.65b; 1401 p.34; 1534,p.45b; 6769p.9b; 6770,p.20; 6774,p.50; 6775,p.34,(has several errors);6830,p.40;2198,p.3. Add:M.S.4962,p.30b.Arms in full color.    Pedigrees at the College of Arms, Vol2D14,p.149b, this is signed by Sir Henry Goodricke and Richard Goodrick 23rd July 1678. Registers of the Holy Trinity Church Ely also see family wills p28.


Thomas Goodrick, ancestor of the branch of the family seated at Ely, was second son of John Goodrick of East Kirkby, and nephew of Thomas, Bishop of Ely. He married Alice, Hutton, of Bristol, by whom he had issue four sons and six daughters. He was buried in Holy Trinity Church, Ely, 10th January, 1571. His will, dated 27th December, 1571, was proved in London, 8th February, 1571, by his widow, Alice. He names his sons Daniel, John, Thomas, and Lionel, his wife Alice Goodrick, his eldest daughter Anne, and his five other daughters. His widow was married secondly, in 1572, to Richard Braken, who was then a widower.

Thomas Goodrick's sons were:­

I. Daniel, of Ely, buried at Ely 23rd August, 1624, will dated 15th August, 1624, proved in London. He married firstly, at Ely, 13th January, 1578, Elizabeth, daughter of Wren, Esq., and by her, who was buried at Ely, 22nd July, 1586, he had issue :­

1. John, baptized at Ely 17th February, 1579, buried there.

2. Thomas, of Ely, baptized at Ely 1st December, 1580. Admitted Gray's Inn 7th May, 1604. Died s.p. Will dated 23rd October, 1624, proved in London by his brother John, 1631.

3. Daniel, baptized at Ely 29th September, 1582 ; buried there 22nd February, 1583.

4. John, of Ely, baptized at Ely 23rd December, 1583 buried there 17th April, 1640. His will, dated 27th March, 1640, proved in London in the same year. He was twice married. By his first wife he had two daughters - viz. (1) Catherine, wife of Captain William Balam, of Ely, by whom she had issue; and (2) Anne.  His second wife was Mary, daughter of March, Esq., and by her he had an only son, Daniel, who died at the age of sixteen, and was buried at Ely, 20th July, 1647. Admon, London, 1647. Notes Mary March B & A Charles I G. G. XIV No59 and G. G. XXX No57.

5. Elizabeth, baptized at Ely 2nd May, 1585, was wife of Thomas Webb, of Bossom, living 1646.

Daniel Goodrick married secondly, at Ely, 21st January, 1601, Frances March; but by her, who died there in February 1647, he had no issue.65

II. John Goodrick, of Ely, baptized at Ely 4th September, 1560; buried there 14th December, 1630. He married at 'Ely, 15th January, 1581, Margaret, daughter of Adams, Esq., sometime cupbearer to Queen Elizabeth, and by her, who was buried at Ely 24th August, 1624, he had.­

1. Henry, of Ely, baptized at Ely 23rd October, 1582, buried there 20th June, 1643. He was three times married. By his first wife, Sarah, daughter of Sir William Bodinham, of Ryol, Co. Rutland, who died in London, and was buried in St. Giles Church, Cripplegate, 6th June, 1616, he had a son, Francis, baptized at, Ely 23rd October, 1609, and a daughter, Sarah, both of whom died young. He married secondly, Dorothy, daughter of Sir William. Leighton, of Plash, Co. Salop; and by her he had a son and successor, *Henry, and four daughters, Ann, Margaret, Dorothy, and Jane.  His third wife was Bridget, daughter of Sir Richard Conye, of Co. Lincolnshire. The issue of this marriage was a son, Richard, and a daughter, **Mary.***Richard was of St. Andrew's, Holborn, London. He married Dorothy, daughter of Richard Cole, Esq., of Salesbury, Co. Hertford, and widow of Francis Aussiter, Esq., of Southall, Co. Middlesex, but died without issue. His will, dated 5th July, 1703, was proved in London, April 1704.    Notes *Henry Goodrick son of Henry Goodrick of Plash, Co Salop, student Magdalene Hall Oxford Mabric,6 April 1677, aged 17. Barrister at Law, Grays Inn. Succeeded 1688 as s and h of Henry Goodrick of Ely Co, Cambridge Esq.**Mary was the wife of ...Haynes Will of her uncle George Coyne died April 1664 "Genealogist" Vol,7p.p41 to 44.***Richard married Dorothy daughter of Richard Cole at Gills in the Field September 4th 1673, Harl Society Vol,24 marriage licenses. Richards Will see Goodricke Wills p.9.

Henry Goodrick, of Ely and Plash?, son of Henry Goodrickby his second wife, Dorothy  Leighton, succeeded his father. He married Mary, daughter and heiress of Sir Michael Ernley, of Whethm, Co. Wilts, and had issue :-

(1) Henry, of New Inn, barrister-at-law, died unmarried. Will dated 29th September, 1704, proved in London 5th July, 1705.

 (2) Harcourt, born 1659, was a barrister-at-law of the Inner Temple. He was godfather to Thomas, son of Sir Henry Goodricke of Ribston, 4th Baronet, who calls him "cousin." He proved his brothers' wills. His will, dated 10th September, proved in London, 9th March, 1721. He was unmarried. Notes Harcourt was the second son see Entry in the Goodrick Family Bible at Ribston Harcourt had two natural sons and two natural daughters , he died unmarried but see his will for issue Goodricke`s Wills p.10. His will, dated 10th September, proved in London, 9th March, 1721, also see Richard Goodricke`s Will p,9 Goodricke Wills proved April 21st 1704 Grays Inn.

(3) Richard, of Richmond, Co. Surrey, and of the Middle Temple, barrister-at-law. Died unmarried in 1719.

2. William, buried at Ely 5th July, 1587.

3. *Lionel, baptized at Ely 11th October, 1590. *Believed to have been Incumbent of St. Mary's, Little Houghton, Brayfield, Co. Northampton, in 1638, and of Overston in 1649. *Notes believed to have died in infancy and buried at St Olave Southark about 1600-10 Was third son of John Goodrick by his wife Margaret Adams.*Incorrect It was Lionel son of Lionel of North Creak Co, Norfolk.

4. Daniel, baptized at Ely 4th April, 1593 ; buried there 4th August, 1597.

5. Elizabeth, baptized at Ely 17th March, 1585.

III. Thomas, third son of Thomas Goodrick, of Ely, and his wife Alice, was baptized at Ely 28th May, 1565, buried there 14th June, 1579.

IV. Lionel, the fourth son, was baptized at Ely 15th June, 1567. Notes Harl M.S 6775 p34 for Lionel. Although the pedigree in this M.S. is unquestionably confused, yet it offers evidence that Lionel, (whose wife was Lydia), was son of Lionel of North Creake, not son of John of Ely. see parish Registers at Little Houghton Brayfield. see M.S. notes p425.

Thomas Goodrick's daughters were:-

1. Anne, married at Ely, 24th January, 1571, to Benjamine Pryme, Esq.

2. Rebecca, baptized at Ely 8th February, 1561, was wife of William Walden, of  Buckworth, Co. Hunt., Esq., by whom she had with other issue a son, Lionel, aged 18 in 1613. Notes confirmation visitations of Huntingdon.

3. Mary, baptized at Ely 9th October, 1563, was wife of Thomas Jenison, of Irchester, Co. North., Esq., by whom she had issue. Notes Surtees Visitation of Durham Vol.3,p.320. Margaret her daughter born February 27 1597-8 married Oct 14th 1634, to John Calverley Esq., see the late Rev C. B. Norcliffe, of Laugton Hall Malton Co, York.

4. Barbara, wife of Francis Braken, Esq., 'Recorder of Cambridge, son of Richard Braken, her step-father, by whom she had issue.

5, 6. Two daughters, whose names I have not discovered.

Notes for Lionel Goodrick Below,Chancery Suit June13th , 1597, Chance Proc Elizabeth Goodrick g4.No20.

Lionel Goodrick, fourth son of Thomas Goodrick of Ely, was baptized at Ely 15th June, 1567. In 1597 he was living at Ely, and raised a suit in chancery (13th June, 1597) against his step-father, Richard Braken, and his mother, Alice Braken, who was then of great age and very infirm, for recovery of property in Holborn, London, which he, claimed under the will of his father proved in 1572. His wife was Elizabeth, by whom he had issue:­

1. Daniel, baptized at Ely 30th October, 1597. Notes buried North Creake, January 1657-8.Was Sergeant Major in the Parliamentary Army see Commons journal September 7th 1642. see Rev. Alfred. Thomas. Scrope. Goodrick, MA, Rector of Winterbourne, Goodrick Norfolk Pedigrees.

2. Lionel, baptized at North Creake, Co. Norfolk, 27th August, 1607. Notes His wife was Lydia Goodricke Wills p.8 and Harl Soc M.S. 6775 p.34

3. *Thomas, baptized at North Creake 13th June, 1613. Notes Born North Creake May 30th 1664 Royal Comp papers Vol X p.p 259 and 265. see Army Lists by E. peacock p.69.*who was buried at North Creake 3rd July, 1683, he was dead in 1668.

4. John, baptized at North Creake 28th April, 1616, was in Holy Orders, and Rector of Whissingset, Co. Norfolk, in 1642.

1. Elizabeth, baptized at Ely 10th October, 1599.

2. Mary, baptized at North Creake 1608.

3. Ann. There was not a daughter Ann.

Lionel Goodrick acquired property at North Creake about 1607 He I believe to be the founder of the present Goodrick line in Norfolk. His eldest son­ Daniel Goodrick, born 1597, was of North Creake, and died there, unmarried, 29th January,1658. Administration to his estate was granted in London, 13th March, 1658, to his brother Thomas, who succeeded him, so that Lionel, his next brother, probably died without issue:

*Thomas Goodrick, of North Creake, the third son, born 1613, died at that place, where he was buried 30th May, 1664. He married at Whissingset, 13th March, 1645, Susan, daughter of Hamon Bozoun, of Whissingset, Esq., and by her, *who was buried at North Creake 3rd July, 1683, he had issue :­

Bazoun, whose will, dated 1672, was proved at Norwich. Notes see Goodricke Wills p.9.

Thomas, who was probably the Thomas Goodricke of Swaffham, Co. Norfolk, mentioned below. Susan, living in 1672. Notes Born North Creake July 3rd 1683, also see Sir William Playter`s will under Norfolk Goodrick`s and Goodricke Wills p9.

Thomas, son of Thomas Goodrick, was buried at North Creake 20th October, 1668. Notes Bozoun of the Royal Catherine see wills p.9.

I have been unable to trace this branch of the family further, as the registers at North Creake contain no entries of Goodrick's later than 1683; but the Goodrick's (Thomas and Abraham) who appeared at Swaffham just at this period, and who are still represented, were sons of Thomas, the third son of Lionel Goodrick, of North Creake.  The Parish Registers at Swaffham contain entries of Goodrick's from 1666 to a recent date.

Also See Goodrick The Rev Alfred Thomas Scrope and the lost Norfolk Goodrick Pedigrees.