Will Abstract of Thomas Goodricke Bishop of Ely

Abstract of the Will of Thomas Goodricke Bishop of Ely and the last Ecclesiastical High Lord Chancellor of England. 

 P.C.C. (More I0.) Dated 24 April 1 Mary [1554].

Will of “Thomas Gooderyck Bishop of Ely.” To my brother Henry Gooderyck 100 marks and “in remembrance of me a standing cup with a boy having a shield in one hand and a club in the other” and I forgive him all such debts as he oweth me. To sister Elizabeth Fulnetbie £20, and a standing goblet which she hath already in her custody also to her, her dwelling house at Downham called the Lodge which was purchased of Nicholas Megges for her life, and afterwards to Marmaduke Fulnetbie her son to whom I also bequeath £30 and a copyhold in Ely called Marshalls. To Christopher Fulnetbie my nephew £20 and “my soreld horse stoned” which he hath already and “the best harness that he can choose in my Armoire,” etc., and I remit him all sums be oweth me also I bequeath him “a square salt gilded weighing XV ounces.” To Barbara Overton, Katherine Wilkes, and Mary Steward, £20 each. To Richard Goodrick my nephew my second stoned horse, etc. To John Gooderyck his brother, Saint Augustine’s works which I bought of Mr Briggs, Saint Jerome’s Work’s, Saint Ambrose Works; and Cyril’s Works which be at London. To Thomas Goodrick Clerk of my Kitchen the land which I purchased of the King laying in Somersham which it sometime did belong unto the Chauncey of the Grene in Ely. To Nicholas Goodrick his brother the copyhold lands in Somersham which sometime was Robert Amores. To Henry Roydan, Prentice in London, “because I suppose he shall sustain some loss by my negligence ten pounds. My executors to deliver to Mr John Whitwell, Clark, £16, to be distributed amongst the poor. I forgive Mr Henry Oglee of Wisbech £10 he oweth me. I forgive Mr Hand “sometime my Chaplain” all money, he oweth me. Sir Nicholas Stened. the same. Whereas John Ruggs my servant owes me viij, I forgive him iiij. (Legacies to other servants.) To Barrow my nephew “a standing cup with a woman in the cover and a naked word in her hand”.  Whereas my officers have received Lead of the College of Ely to those of my late building their, I give unto the said Collage in recompense for the leade so received, the Residue of my Books unbequeathed so, that they will make up their “Library,” etc, and. “if the Deane and chapter refuse my said book for recompense I will that they be sold” by my executors and the Dean and Chapter “reasonably recompensed,” etc. To John BeIgrave and Edward Hall iiij “for their pains taken in my Sickness” To the poor men's box in Ely £20. To "the poverty" at Downham £5. To the poor men box in Somersham £5. (Provisions in case any “Legatories” or servants prove troublesome to the executors) Residue to be distributed amongst the poor. Thomas Barrowe my nephew, Mr Osbert Moundeford Esquire, and Edward Leedes my chancellor, executors and to each of them £20. To Mr Richard, Wilks my Surveyor £20. In witness etc.

Witnesses, Lyon Goodrick, Thomas Palfreman, Richard  Wilks, Thomas Middelton, and Christopher Barton.

(Then follows a long list of pecuniary and other legacies to Thomas Middleton my Steward of Household, Mr Edmond Perpoint my Receiver, the “Gentlemen Waiters,” “Yeomen Officers,” “Yeomen Waiters” etc.)