Goodrick Family Info Available to purchase

Goodrick Family Info Available to purchase

This is a none profit shop, I have over the years invested Thousands of pounds in the pursuits of The Goodrick Family History, publishing my finds on the web for free, and now in retirement I need to cover the overheads. All monies from sales will be used to help finance the site and research. Any surplus I wish will be donated to animal charities of my choosing.

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My Dear Ancestor your tombstone stands neglected and alone the name and date chiselled out in stone for all to see for years to come. It reaches out to all who pass by and care to take a moment to read the words left so long ago. It is too late to mourn. You did not know I exist you died I was born. Yet each of us is of the same in flesh, in blood, in bone. Our blood contacts and beats a pulse entirely not our own. Dear Ancestor the place you fill more than a hundred years ago spreads out among the ones you left so long ago who would have loved you so much and saddened by your passing I wonder as you lived and loved, I wonder if you knew or even thought that someday I would come by this way and find this spot, and spend a moment to read the words left so long ago.


Abstracts of Goodricke Wills by Charles Alfred Goodricke Published London 1891 Electronic copy PDF Price £10

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