John Goodricke Pedigree 1493

John Goodricke Pedigree 1493 An unbroken male Line from 1493....

Goodrick of Ely Cos, Cambridge and Norfolk.

Goodrick of Ely Cos, Cambridge and Norfolk.

Pedigrees in the British Museum

Harleian M.S.S. 1043 f.65v, 1401 f.34, 1534 f.45v, 6769 f.9v, 6770 f.20, 6774 f.50, 6775 f.34, 6830 f.26v, 2198 f.3.

Add M.S. 4962 f.30v. Arms in Colours.

Pedigree at College of Arms.

Vol2. D.14. p149B Signed by Henry Goodrick and Richard Goodrick, 23rd July 1678.

44. Thomas Goodrick, Will dated 23rd Oct 1621.

He desires to be buried in the Chapel at Ely with his Father Daniel and leaves £40, to be expended on the Chapel. He names his uncle Lionel Goodrick and his Cousins Lionel and Daniel Goodrick sons of his uncle Lionel.

45.Vide Will of Frances Goodrick Widow of Daniel Goodrick dated 9th July 1646.

46.Vide Chan: B of A. Chas I. G.G.XIV No.59, and G.G.XXX No.57. Public Record Office.

47.Goodricke Family Bible now (1885) at Ribston Vide also Will of Harcourt Goodricke.

48. Harcourt Goodrick had two natural sons Henry and Richard and two natural daughters Mary and Charlotte, Vide his Will.

49. Vide John Bridges History of Northampton. Vol I p.p. 375 & 461. (See page 326 in this book.) A Lionel Goodrick was Clerk of Nazing, Co, Essex.

50. Will of her Father.

51. Vide Visitation: Huntingdonshire, Camden Society’s edition.

52. Surtees History of Durham, p, 320. Vol 3. (see note 357.

53. Chan: Proc: Eliz, G.g.4 No.20, Record Office.

54.Daniel and Lionel were legatees of their Cousin Thomas Goodrick. (see note 44.)

In Harleian: M.S. 6775. p 34. John, Lionel and Ann are the only children of Lionel Goodrick, which are named, and John is shown to be the Eldest, which is erroneous.

(This pedigree has confused John & Ann were children of Lionel who was bore 1607 not the father.)

55.Vide Bloomfield’s History of Norfolk. He was a witness to the marriage settlement of his brother Thomas wife. Vide Royalists Comp: Papers Vol 10. p 265 which see, Pub Record Office. In "Launditch" Part I. P 268, in mentioning an acknowledgment under hand and seal of Bozoun of the payment of £212 made before 1655, give this Coat on the seal as. On a fesse, between two Lions passant guardant a fleur de lis between two crescents. Witnesses Edward Peartree and John Goodrick.

57. The Earliest entry in the Swaffham Registers of the name Goodrick is in 1666-67 January 22nd Baptized, Xtopher son of Abraham and Frances Goodrich (K) That this was Abraham Goodrick is abundantly proved from the entries of baptisms of other children.

On the 29th of November 1680 the burial of Abraham Goodrick is recorded and on 8th October 1685 Frances Goodricke, widow was married at Swaffham to John Nolliot.

Abraham Goodrick son of Thomas Goodrick and Susan Bozoun, born 1646 died 1680 at Swaffham, married at Narborough Co, Norfolk to Frances Wenn October 6th, 1664.

The records of their descendents to the present time (1900) are in the possession of the Rev Alfred Thomas Scope Goodrick of St Johns College Oxford.

Abraham and Thomas Goodrick are both entered as residing at Swaffham in the Lay Subsidy Roll, Hearth Tax. (Public Record office).

In the Swaffham Register there is recorded the burial of Daniel Goodridge in 1661, as seen Daniel is a favourite family name just at this period, and from the fact that on 28th February 1668-9, Mathias son of Abraham and Frances Goodrick is entered as Goodridge, I am inclined to think that this Daniel Goodridge may have been a Goodrick.

Pedigree of descendents of Lionel Goodrick of Ely Co Cambridge and later North Creake Co, Norfolk from his 3rd son Thomas Goodrick and Susan Bozoun of Whissonett.

Thomas Goodrick = Susan Bozoun

b.1613-d.1664 dau, of Hammon

North Creake Bozoun. Whissonsett

Bozoun Goodrick. Thomas. Abraham = Frances Susan

d.1672. b1646 dau.of Wenn Living 1672.

d1680. m.1664.

Christopher = Grace Mathias Xtopher Rose

Swaffham dau.of Scott


Francis = ……. Christopher William = Elizabeth Robert David Elizabeth

dau, of Wood Grace

William Robert=Anna George=Rose Francis Elizabeth

dau, of Foret Mary



Compiled by Rev A T S Goodrick from data found at North Creake, Swaffham, and Gt, Yarmouth, Norfolk.

Goodrick, of Ely Co, Cambridge and Norfolk.


Thomas Goodrick ancestor of the branch of the family seated at Ely, was second son of John Goodrick of East Kirkby, and nephew of:

Thomas Bishop of Ely. He married Alice daughter of Hutton Esq., of Bristol, by whom he had issue four sons and six daughters. He was buried in Holy Trinity, Church Ely, 10th January 1572. His widow proved his will, dated 27th December 1571, in London, 8th February 1572, Alice. He names his sons Daniel, John, Thomas, and

wife Alice Goodrick, his eldest daughter Anne, and his five other daughters. His widow was married secondly, in 1572 to Richard Braken, who was then a widower

Thomas Goodrick’s sons were: -

I. Daniel, of Ely, buried at Ely 23rd August, 1624 will dated 15th August, 1624, proved in London. He married firstly, at Ely, 13th January, 1578, Elizabeth, daughter of Wren, Esq., and by her, who was buried at Ely, 22nd July, 1586, he had issue: -


1. John, baptized at Ely 17th February 1579 buried there.

2. Thomas, of Ely, baptized at Ely 1st December, 1580 Admitted Gray’s Inn

7th May 1604. Died s.p. Will dated 23rd October, 1624, proved in London by his brother John, 163l.(44)

3. Daniel, baptized at Ely 29th September, 1582; buried there 22nd February, 1583.

4. John of Ely, baptized at Ely 23rd December 1583; buried there 17th April 1640. His will, dated 27th March 1640, proved in London in the same year. He was married twice. By his first wife he had two daughter (1) Catherine wife of Captain William Balam, of Ely, by

whom she had issue; and (2) Anne. His second wife was Mary, daughter of March, Esq., (46) and by her he had an only son, Daniel; who died at the age of sixteen, and was buried at Ely, 20th July 1647. Admon, London, 1647.

5. Elizabeth, baptized at Ely 2nd May 1585, was wife of Thomas Webb, of Bossom, living 1646.

Daniel Goodrick married secondly, at Ely, 21st January 1601 Frances March; but by her, who died there in February 1647 he had no issue. (45)

II. John of Ely, baptized at Ely 4th September, 1560 buried there 14th December, 1630.He married at Ely, 15th January, 1581, Margaret, daughter of Adams, Esq., sometime cupbearer to Queen Elizabeth, and by her, who was buried at Ely 24th August, 1624, he had issue: -

I. Henry of Ely, baptized at Ely 23rd October 1582, buried there 20th June 1643. He was three times married. By his first wife, Sarah, daughter of Sir W. Bodinham, of Ryol, co. Rutland, who died in London, and was buried in St. Giles’ Church, Cripplegate, 6th June, 1616, he had a son, Francis, baptized at Ely 23rd October, 1609 and a daughter, Sarah, both of whom died young. He married secondly, Dorothy, daughter of Sir W. Leighton, of Plash, co. Salop; and by her he had a son and successor, Henry, and four daughters, Ann, Margaret, Dorothy, and Jane.

His third wife was Bridget, daughter of Sir Richard Conye, of co. Lincoln. The issue of this marriage was a son, Richard, and a daughter, Mary.

Richard was of St Andrew’s, Holborn, London. He married Dorothy, daughter of Richard Cole, Esq., of Salesbury, co. Hertford, and widow of Francis Aussiter, Esq., of Southall, co. Middlesex, but died without issue. His will, dated 5th July 1703, was proved in London, April: 1704.

Henry Goodrick of Ely, son of Henry Goodrick by his second wife, Dorothy Leighton, succeeded his father. He married Mary, daughter and heiress of Sir Michael Ernley, of Whetham, co. Wilts, and had issue: -

1. Harcourt, born 1659 was a barrister-at-law of the Inner Temple. He was godfather to Thomas, son of Sir Henry Goodricke of Ribston, 4th Baronet, who calls him "cousin." He proved his brothers’ wills. His will, dated 10th September, proved in London, 9th March, 1712 He was unmarried. (47)

2. Henry, of New Inn, barrister-at-law, died unmarried. Will dated 29th September 1704, (48) proved in London 5th July 1705.

3. Richard, of Richmond, Co. Surrey, and of the Middle Temple, barrister-at-law. Died unmarried in 1719.

2. William, buried at Ely 5th July 1587.

3. Lionel, baptized at Ely 11th October 1590. Believed to have been Incumbent of St. Mary’s,

little Houghton, Brayfield, co. Northampton, in 1638, and of Overston in 1649. (49)

4. Daniel, baptized at Ely 4th April 1593; buried there 4th August, 1597

5. Elizabeth, baptized at Ely 17th March 1585.

III. Thomas, third son of Thomas Goodrick, of Ely, and his wife Alice, was baptized at Ely 28th May, 1565 buried there 14th June, 1579.

IV. Lionel, the fourth son, was baptised at Ely 15th June 1 567. I will speak of him presently.

Thomas Goodrick’s daughters were:

1. Anne, married at Ely, 24th January 1572 to Benjamine Pryme, Esq. (50)

2. Rebecca, baptized at Ely 8th February, 1561, was wife of William Walden, of Buckworth,

co. Huntington, Esq., by whom she had with other issue a son, Lionel, aged 18 in 1613. (51)

3. Mary, baptized at Ely 9th October, 1563, was wife of Thomas Jenison, of Irchester, co. (52) Northampton, Esq., by whom she had issue,:

4. Barbara, wife of Francis Braken, Esq., Recorder of Cambridge, son of Richard Braken, her step-father, by whom she had issue.

5, 6. Two daughters, whose names I have not discovered.

Lionel Goodrick fourth son of Thomas Goodrick of Ely, was baptized at Ely 15th June, 1567 In 1597 he was living at Ely, and raised a suit in chancery (13th June, 1597) (53) against his step-father, Richard Braken, and his mother, Alice Braken, who was then of great age and very infirm, for recovery of property in Holborn, London, which he claimed under the will of his father proved in 1572. His wife was Elizabeth, by whom he had issue

1. Daniel, baptized at Ely 30th October 1597. (54)

2. Lionel, baptized at North Creake, co. Norfolk, 27th August 1607. (54)

3. Thomas, baptized at North Creake 13th June 1613.

4. John, baptized at North Creake 28th April 1616 was in Holy Orders, and Rector of (55)

Whissingset, co. Norfolk, in 1642:

1 .Elizabeth, baptized at Ely 10th October 1599.

2. Mary, baptized at North Creake 1608.


Lionel Goodrick appears to have acquired property at North Creake about 1607.

His eldest son

Daniel Goodrick born 1597, was of North Creake, and died there, unmarried, 29th January,

1658 Administration to his estate was granted in London, 13th March, 1658, to his brother

Thomas, who succeeded him, so that Lionel, his next brother, probably died without issue.

Thomas Goodrick of North Creake, the third son, born 1613, died at that place, where he was

buried 30th May 1664. He married at Whissingset, 13th March, 1645, Susan; (56) daughter of

Hamon Bozoun, of Whissingset, Esq., and by her, who was buried at North Creake 3rd July,

1683, he had issue: -

Bozoun, whose will, dated 1672, was proved at Norwich.

Thomas, who was the Thomas Goodricke of Swaffham, co. Norfolk, mentioned below.

Susan, living in 1672.

Thomas, son of Thomas Goodrick, was buried at North Creake 20th October 1668.

"I have been unable to trace this branch of the family further, as the registers at North Creake contain no entries of Goodricks later than 1683 but it is my belief that the Goodricks (Thomas and Abraham) who appeared at Swaffham just at this period, and who are still represented, were sons of Thomas, the third son of Lionel Goodrick, of North Creake. The Parish Register at Swaffham contain entries of Goodricks from 1667 to a recent date" Charles Alfred Goodricke 1898. (57)

Goodrick of Ely Co, Cambridge and Norfolk.

Lionel Goodrick 4th son of Thomas Goodrick of Ely by his wife Alice daughter of

Hutton was baptised at holy trinity Ely 15th June 1567, he was a legatee of this Thomas Goodrick of Ely, 23rd October 1624. His wife’s name was Elizabeth, and he had issue:-

1. Daniel baptised at Ely, 30th Oct 1597.

2. Elizabeth baptised at Ely, 10th Oct 1599.

3. Lionel baptised at North Creake, 27th August 1607.

4. Thomas baptised at North Creake, 13th June 1613.

5. John baptised at North Creake 20th April 1616.

6. Mary baptised at North Creake 1608.

Daniel Goodrick baptised at Ely 30th October 1597 was an officer in the Parliamentary army. The House of Commons to recommended him "My Lord General" For employment when there is a vacancy, 7th Sept 1642-Vide

Commons Journals, and his name immediately afterwards appears in a list of the Field Officers chosen and appointed for the Irish expedition under the Command of Phillip Lord Wharton, Lord General of Ireland"

Foot Companies 2nd Company. Sergeant Major Daniel Goodrick (Vide "Army Lists of the Roundheads & Cavaliers" Armies of 1642, by Peacock. F.S.A. page 69). He was of North Creake, Co Norfolk where he died 29th January 1658 and where he was buried. Administration to his Estate was granted to his brother Thomas, in London, 13th March 1658.

He was a Legatee of his cousin Thomas of Ely. (C. A. Goodricke Diaries "I stated in my printed History of the Goodricke Family that Lionel Goodrick probably died before his brother Daniel, but I have since found that my presumption was incorrect"). Lionel Goodrick baptised at North Creake 27th August 1607, son of Lionel Goodrick gent, was at school at Ely, under Mr Rich, and was a delegate to Gaius College, Cambridge 27th June 1623, (Vide Admissions to Gorville and Caino College Cambridge" London 1887, 8 page 153) He was then fast approaching the age of 16. In 1624 his cousin Thomas Goodrick of Ely made his will tendering to him an annuity of 40/=. He was instituted to the Vicarage of Little Houghton Brayfield, Co Northampton, in 1638, (Vide Cohn Bridges History of North: Vol I pages, 315 to 461) and in the Register there is recorded the baptism of his son.

Lionel Goodricke son to Lionel Goodricke and Lydia, his wife baptised September 21st 1640. This entry occurs in two Register Books and at three and of one of them is added d.d 1667 "This may mean that Lionel’s, son, died in 1667 but there is no entry of his burial at little Houghton. The entries in Little Houghton Register Book made by the Rev Lionel Goodrick, begin 21st Oct 1638 and end 8th April 1641.

He was instituted to the Rectory of Overstone, Co Northampton 10th May 1648, Vide journals of the House of Lords. (No trace of him in the registers). He was Incumbent of the Holy Cross, Waltham Abby, Co Essex from 17th June 1672 until his death. He was buried at Waltham Abby 19th June 1693. His will dated 7th May 1688, proved 9th July 1693 This through light on his family and additional information is gained from the Waltham Abby Registers and Monuments. He had issue:

1. John born about 1638, is mentioned in his fathers will 1688, but then dead. Most probably the following names lie at the Faculty office of the Area of Canterbury

at London refers to him (Vide Earl survey Vol 24) 1674 August 19th John Goodrick, Clerk Chap Rain of Lincolns Inn, Middlesex, Bach, 36 and Mary Stanley of St Andrews Eollorn spinster about 28, her parents dead at St Andrews after or Charter House Chapel Middlesex Married at Charter House 20th August 1674. A John Goodrick was Vicar of South Mims from 27th March 1663 to February 1666 and there is in the British Museum a printed sermon by John Goodrick M A Chaplain to the Bishop of Norwich. The title is " A Thanks giving sermon for victory over the Rebels" 26th July 1685. He had a daughter Mary under age in 1688.

2. Lionel baptised as stated above, 21st April 1640.

3. Ann married at Waltham 14th August 1678 to Richard Nailor M D Who was born in 1620 and buried in Waltham Abby 25th June 1683.

4. Elizabeth born 1644 was buried in Waltham Abby 9th November 1687. She was the wife of Benjamin Pordage, baptised and had issue:-

Lionel Goodrick Pordage. 13th July 1684, buried in Waltham Abby 30th August 1684.

Rachel, Elizabeth, and Edward an infant all Legatees of their grandfather Lionel Goodrick. Benjamin Pordage was buried in Waltham Abbey 18th Sept 1697. Waltham Holy Cross Registers printed by W. Winters 1885 p.p. 71,73,128,192. Also "Annals of the Clergy of Waltham Holy Cross" by W. Winters, 1880 p28, also "Ecclesiastical Parochial History of the Diocese of London" by R Newcourt, vol II, p631. London 1710.

The remark as to Lionel Goodrick 3rd son of John Goodrick of Ely vide page 10 of related History applies therefore to Lionel 2nd son of Lionel Goodrick of North Creake. Pordage Pedigree vide Harlian M.S. 1530 Vol 2 also Add MS 24,491 Vol


He mentions only his brother Thomas and his sister Susan. It is a little difficult to reconcile the fact that Bozoun was a little boy in 1668 and made his will in 1672. but Sir William Playters leaves no doubt as to the relationship. Bozoun mentions his brother Thomas who was probably the eldest son and was likely born about 1646 as the North Creake Register records the burial on 20th October 1668 of Thomas, son of Thomas Goodrick. This goes to show that Thomas married at an early age and I take it that the Bozoun Goodrick whose will was proved in London in 1691 by his widow Sarah, was a son of Thomas and grandson of Thomas Goodrick of North Creake and his wife Susan Bozoun:

Thomas Goodrick = Susan Bozoun

Born 1613d 1664 married, 1645

Bozoun Thomas = Abraham Susan

Will 1672 b.1646 d.1680 d.1683

Thomas, d 1668 Bozoun of = Sarah
London. Will 1691.

John Goodrick 4th son of Lionel Goodrick was baptised at North Creake, 20th April 1661. He was instituted to the Rectory of Whissingset 21st Oct 1642 on the presentation of John Chapman of North Creake, by virtue of a lease from Hamon Bozoun. (Vide note 333) He was a witness to the marriage settlement of his brother Thomas (vide note 55).

Thomas Goodrick 3rd son of Lionel Goodrick of North Creake, was baptised at

North Creake 13th June 1613, and buried there 30th May 1664.

He married at Whissingset 13th March 1645, Susan daughter of Hamon Bozoun of

Whissingset Esq. (vide notes 55-56) and had issue.

1. Bozoun will 1672.

2. Thomas a Legatee of Bozoun 1672.

3. Abraham Married Frances Wenn October 6, 1664 at Narborough,Co.Norfolk.

4. Susan a legatee of Bozoun buried at North Creake 3rd July 1683.

Bozoun Goodrick son of Thomas is named in the will of Sir William Playters of Westminster d 6th April 1668 vide page 254 "The Genealogist" New Series Vol I, 1884, by W. D. Selby. Sir William Playters says "Whereas I have taken a little boy into my care called Bozoun Goodrick, grand child to my sister Bozoun, late of Whissingset Norfolk, deceased, I do recommend him to the care of my executors to see him brought up and fitted for an apprentice. The sum of £20 to bind him and £30 more after the expiration of his apprentice ship.

Sir William Playters Frances Playters = Hamon Bozoun

Susan Bozoun = Thomas Goodrick

Married 1645

Bozoun Goodrick Legatee of his granduncle Sir William Playters, Bozoun Goodricks will can be found at Norwich Co Norfolk.