Sir William Fitz Goderick


Sir William Fitz Goderick

In the county of Hereford, Knt. ancestor to Margaret, late Countess of Coningsby; and Margaret, married to John Byron, Esq. son and heir of Sir John Byron, of Clayton, in the county of Lancaster, Knt. grandfather by her of John first Lord Byron. The two sons were,

1. Sir William. And,

2. John, a Captain in the wars of Scotland, who died without issue.

The eldest son, Sir William, succeeded his father, and resided at Milton, and Gaines-Park-Hall, aforesaid. He married Winifred, daughter to Sir Walter Mildmay, of Apethorp, in the county of Northampton, Knt. Chancellor of the Exchequer, and Under Treasurer of England; and deceasing on August 5th,16l8, was buried at Marham.

He had by her a daughter, Anne, married to John Isham, of Picheley, in the county of Northampton, Esq. and two sons, William, and Walter Fitz-William, who died without issue.

William Fitz-William, of Milton, and Gaines-Park-Hall, Esq. their eldest son, was, by letters patent bearing date at Westminster, December 1st, 1620, created Lord Fitz-William of Liffer, alias Lifford, in the county of Donegal, in the kingdom of Ireland: and deceasing at his house in the Strand, on January 6th, 1643-4, was buried at Marham aforesaid. He had issue, by Catharine his wife, daughter of William Hyde, of South Denchworth, in the county of Berks, Esq. and sister of Sir George Hyde, of Kingston Lisle, in the same county, Knight of the Bath, two sons, and three daughters; viz.

William, second Lord Fitz-William, his eldest son.

John, second son, who died without issue in November, 1637; Winifred, eldest daughter, who died without issue 1635; and Catharine, second daughter, who was married to Sir John Lee, of St. Edmund's Bury, in the county of Suffolk, Knight. Ann,

 William, second Lord Fitz-William, married Jane, daughter and coheir to Hugh Perry, alias Hunter, Esq. who was Sheriff and Alderman of London, second son of Thomas Perry, alias Hunter, of Wotton under Edge, in com. Gloucester, by whom he had issue four sons, and three daughters.

1. William, eldest son, who died at six months old.

2. William, third Lord Fitz-William.

Charles, third son, who was a Colonel of Horse, anno IC89, and died in Ireland without issue. Ferdinando, fourth son, who deceased young.

Catherine, eldest daughter, who died young.

Jane, second daughter, who was married to Sir Christopher Wren, Knt. Surveyor-General to her Majesty Queen Anne, and the architect of St. Paul's cathedral, London.

Frances, third daughter, who died young.

The said William, second Lord Fitz-William, deceasing, at his house in the Savoy, in com. Middlesex, was interred at Marham aforesaid, on February 21st, 1658; and his lady surviving him, was buried at Marham, April 8th, 1671.

William, third Lord Fitz-William, and first Irish Earl, was born ar the Dutchy-house in the Savoy, on April 29th, 1643: His Lordship, on the accession of George I. was constituted Custos Rotulorum of the city and liberty of Peterborough; and was created Viscount Miltown, in the county of West-Meath, and Earl Fitz-William, of the county of Tyrone in Ireland, by letters patent, bearing date July 21st, 1716, in the second year of his reign. His Lordship married Anne, daughter, and, at length sole heir, to Edmund Cremor, of West-Winch, in the county of Norfolk, Esq. by whom he had issue four sons, and six daughters.

William Fitz-William, eldest son, born at Milton, on August l9th, 1678, died unmarried on November 25th, 1699, and was buried at Marham.

Charles Fitz William, Esq. second son, who died an infant.

John Fitz-William, third son, who succeeded his father, and was Earl Fitz-William.

 George Fitz-William, fourth son, who deceased young; Catherine, eldest daughter; Frances, second daughter; Rachel, third daughter; and Mary, fourth daughter; who all died young.

Anna Maria, fifth daughter, who was married to Sir Charles Barrington, of Barrington-Hall, in the county of Essex, Bart who died in January, 1714-5, and his Lady on July 17th, aged forty-one, and was buried in her family vault at Marham. And

Jane Fitz-William, sixth and youngest daughter, who died young.

The said William, Earl Fitz-William, departed this life on December 28th, 1719, in the seventy-seventh year of his age, and was buried at Marham, having survived his Lady, who died on February 4th, 1716-17, aged seventy-one. He was succeeded by his only surviving son,

John, second Earl Fitz-William, of Ireland, who was Member of Parliament for the city of Peterborough, and Custos Rotulorum for the said city and liberty; and died on August 28th, 1728. He married Anne, daughter and sole heir to John Stringer, of Sutton upon Lound, in the county of Nottingham, Esq. who died in 1726, and was buried at Marham, and by her had issue one son, William, born on January 15th, 17l9, third Earl Fitz-William, and three daughters: Lady Anne, born on August 23d, 1722, married to Francis Godolphin, Esq. who succeeded to the barony of Godolphin; Lady Elizabeth, born on December 9th, 1724; and Lady Mary, born on February 4th, 1725, married to John Archer, of Welford, in the couty of Berks, Esq. she died' 10th September, 1776, and was buried at Coopersale, in Essex.

William, the third Earl Fitz-William, of Ireland, and First Earl Fitz-william, of England, being left a minor, was first of Eton school; and after having finished his travels abroad, was early distinguished by King George II. who on April 19th, 1742, created him a Peer of Great Britain, by the name, style, and title of Lord Fitz-william, Baron of Milton in the county of Northampton. On September 6th, 1746, his Lordship was created a Viscount, and Earl of Great Britain, by the name, style, and titles of Viscount Milton, and Earl Fitz-william of Norborough, in the county of Northampton; and appointed Custos Rotulorum of the city and liberty of Peterborough, on November 23d, 1741. At the funeral of Frederick Prince of Wales, his Lordship was one of the six Earls who supported the pall; and on June 24th, 1751, was constituted one of the Lords of his Majesty's bedchamber.

 On June 22d, 1744, his Lordship married the Lady Anne Wentworth, eldest daughter of Thomas Marquis of Rockingham 5 and by her (who died on May 4th, 1759, and was interred at Marham) he had issue six daughters; viz. Lady Anne, born March 24th, 1744; Charlotte, born on July 14th, 1746, and married to Thomas Dundas, Esq. eldest son of Sir Lawrence Dundas, of Ask-hall, in the said county, Bart- now Lord Dundas; Lady Frances, born October 22d, 1750; Lady Emilia-Maria, born December 12th, 1751, and died on August 8th, I752;

 Coffin plate.

Lady Henrietta, born on March 21st, 1752, died unmarried; and Lady Dorothy, born on May 22d, 1754. His Lordship had also two sons; viz.

1. William, now Earl Fitz-William. And,  2. The Hon. George Fitz-William, a posthumous child, died May 5th, 1786.

He departed this life on August 10th, 1756, and had sepulture with his ancestors at Marham. His Lordship was succeeded in dignity and estate by his said eldest son,

William, the present and Second Earl Fitz-william, of Great Britain, and fourth Earl of Ireland. His Lordship was born on May 30th, 1748, was married 11th July, 1770, to Lady Charlotte Ponsonby, daughter of William Earl of Besborough; and is the twenty-second in paternal descent from Sir William Fitz Goderick, cousin to King Edward the Confessor. He has issue an only child, viz.

Charles-William Viscount Milton, M. P. for the county of York, 1807, married, July 8th, 1806, Charlotte, daughter of Thomas Lord Dundas, by whom he has a daughter, born July 12th, I807.

 His Lordship succeeded in 1782, to the great fortune of his uncle, the Marquis of Rockingham; and has added the name of Wentworth to his own.

On July 11th, 1794, his Lordship was appointed Lord President of the Council, which he held till December 17th following. On January 4th, 1795, he was appointed Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, which he only held till the 24th of March following.

In 1806, he was again appointed Lord President of the Council, which he held till the fall of the Grenville administration in the following year.

Titles. William Fitz-William, Earl Fitz-William, Viscount Milton, and Lord Fitz-William, Baron of Milton, English honours: also Earl Fitz-William, Viscount Miltown, and Baron Fitz-William of Liffer, alias Lifford, in the kingdom of Ireland.

Creations. Baron Fitz-William of Liffer, alias Lifford, in the county of Donegal), by letters patent dated December 1st, 1620, 18th James I.; Viscount Miltown, of the the county of West Meath, and Earl Fitz-William, of the county of Tyrone, by letters patent bearing date July 21st, 1716, 2d of George I. honours of the kingdom of Ireland,

 Lord Fitz-William, Baron of Milton, by letters patent dated April 19th, 1742, 15th of George II.; Viscount Milton, and Earl Fitz-William of Norborough, all in the county of Northampton, by letters patent, dated September 6th, 1746, 20th of George II. English honours.

Arms. Lozengy, Argent and Gules.

Crest. In a ducal coronet, Or, a triple plume of ostrich feathers, Argent.

Supporters. Two savage men; wreathed about their heads and waists with oak leaves, and in their exterior hands, a tree eradicated, the top broken off, all proper.

Motto. APPETITUS RATIONI PAREAT. . Chief Seats. At Milton, in the county of Northampton ; and Wentworth House, Yorkshire.


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